NWRC Reveal

This is a residency wide game that requires no sign-up, and with just a little guess-work and you can win credits.

The NWRC will provide a photo of a horse, race track or something horse racing specific, that will be turned into a hidden puzzle. Each week depending on how the residency as a whole does, we will remove pieces to reveal the photo. The longer the contest goes, the more revealing the pieces get, but also, it's lesser the credits available.

The puzzle pieces are given a number which represents the order in which the pieces will be removed. However, for graded wins, there are designated "identible" pieces that get removed.

How pieces are revealed (only NWRC affiliated tracks):
  • Every race week 1 piece gets revealed automatically.
  • If the residency gets more wins (Saturday Only), then then number residents.
  • Each weekly stakes win.
  • Each weekly graded win. (G1 = 4 pieces, G2 = 3 pieces, G3 = 2 pieces)

How to win:

  • Send a PM through the forum to me when you think you have the answer, but if you are incorrect, you can't submit a guess the following week.
  • You have from the time the site gets updated until the following race Saturday (Noon) to answer for that week.
  • The person who correctly identifies the photo wins the jackpot.
  • If multiple residents identify the image in that same week, the pot will be split amongst the correct guesses. I will notify the residency when at least one correct answer has been given, giving everyone one last shot. (This is subject to change)

What is puzzle worth:

Initial Jackpot: 500 credits

However, the longer the puzzle goes unsolved, the less the jackpot will be. Each week it goes unsolved, 25 credits will be taken away. Of course, the earlier pieces don't reveal much of the "important" areas of the photo, thus why it's more valuable to get it correct early on. But the longer the puzzle goes unsolved, the more revealing each piece is.

How this game goes will depend on how well you and your fellow residents perform.

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