NWRC "Skidz" Sire Series

Ok ladies and gents, let's give this a try. This will basically be a mirror of the bargain bred series rules wise (a couple minor tweaks), and you will need to use a "Skidz" sire. I was thinking about using "Skidz" sires across the board (S/DS/DDS), but I think this will work best. If you'd prefer trying "Skidz" across the board let me know and we can change it.

  • Each resident may breed ONE 3yo horses for the contest.
  • Sire must be a state-bred from your home state. I trust everyone to use there current home state, if I smell something fishy I will trace your IP.
  • I know not everyone will have a horse to breed over for this, or indeed want to breed over one, so, if you create a new ID you may spend up to 150 BPs. if you breed over a horse (reuse an ID) you have a max of 100 BPs to spend.
  • Mike now offers various discounts for breeding over horses. I don't care if you use them to get your breeding under 100/150. Just make sure the price after any discount you may qualify for is within the stated contest guidelines.
  • All horses must be bred from scratch. No use of mares/hemares/retired mares.
  • All horses must be unraced and in an NWRC stable at the time of the first contest race.
  • Horses will run in 3 owner-restricted races, at 6 and 8 and 10f on dirt, each race 2 weeks apart.
  • Horses earn points based on finish, with a win worth 1, a second worth 2, etc. Lowest points after the 3 races wins. Ties broken by highest combined speed figures.
  • There will be ONE race unless we get more than 10 entries of each gender.


Winners selects a horse from the prize pool.

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