HOTM Rules


** This contest is currently on hiatus **
  1. Open to all NWRC Residents.

  2. A list of all the winners at NWRC tracks will be added to the site each week.  The list will include all the horses and races that won at an NWRC track for the week.  Including claiming, starter, and maiden special weight.

  3. From the above list any resident may nominate a horse for Horse Of The Week (HOTW).

  4. Nominations:

    a. You may nominate your own horse.

    b. You may nominate any horse on the list of winners.

    c.  You may nominate more than one horse.

    d.  No nominations allowed if the horse ran in an owner restricted race not open to all NWRC residents.

    e.  Include a short write up stating your reasons for the nomination and a link to the horse if you know how to do that.  That will save me some time.

    f.  Post your nomination and comments on the message board in the appropriate topic / thread.

    g.  Nominations will be taken each week from the time I update the site until Wednesday at 6:00 PM game time.

  5. Selecting HOTW.

    a.  From the nominated horses each week we will vote for the HOTW.

    b.  Voting will start each Wednesday at 6:00 PM game time using the same topic / thread as the nominations.

    c.  One vote per resident.

    d.  You may vote for your own horse.

    e.  Horse with the most votes will be named HOTW.

  6. Selecting the Horse Of The Month (HOTM)

    a.  I will set up a new topic / thread listing the HOTWs for the month.  

    b.  Number of HOTWs in a month is determined by the number of Saturdays in the month.

    c.  Again we will vote for the HOTM.

    d.  One vote per resident.

    e.  The horse with the most votes will be named HOTM.

  7. Prize will be a horse from the NWRC Prize Pool.

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