Two-Man - Rules

Two people, two stables each.

How To Win:
Your team must win the following races at NWRC tracks: 2 maiden claiming + 3 maiden special weights + 2 starter allowances + 2 claiming + 3 allowances + 1 stake(graded or not).

Tracking Results:
Teams most post their winners within one week of the win. Winners not posted by the time race results are posted the following week will not count to the team total.

Contest runs 7 weeks or until one team reaches all 13 wins, whichever comes first. If two or more teams finish the same week, the ties will be broken by whichever team reached 11 (or 10 or 9 or 8, etc) wins first. If no team reaches 12 wins by the end of the contest, the winning team will be the one that gets the most qualifying wins. Ties broken same way.

Winning teammates each get choice of one horse from the prize pool or 300 credits.

- Bid races not allowed. That is, you cannot bid races for yourself or your partner. Races other players have bid/bought are a-ok.
- No owner-restricted races, unless residency sponsored.
- Only Saturday races count.

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