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Northwest Racing Circuit
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This site works in direct relationship with Mike Wallace's fantastic Simulated Horse Racing Game at Simulated Sports.

The NWRC has been in existence since February 2001. With 40+ residents representing 275+ stables, we are one of the premier sites in the sim racing world. We hold Contests such as NWRC Divisional Challenge, Trainer of the Month, NWRC Tour, and others. Residents come up with and run Events such as NWRC Cavalcade Cup, NWRC Juvenile Challenge, NWRC, What a Bargain Baby Contest, to mention a few. Horses and/or credits are awarded to the winners. We continue to grow and expand in direct relationship to the ideas, suggestions, and involvement of our residents!

All players are welcome to JOIN! If you are looking for a great place to stable your horses, consider the NWRC.

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  1. Stables must only be members only of the NWRC. Duel residency will not be allowed.
  2. Your stable(s) MUST also be setup to support the residency through the sim website. In the game itself, you click Connect > Residencies and then locate this residency and choose "Join Residency".
  3. Currently there is no max number of stables you can have associated/supporting with the NWRC.
  4. Minimum of 9 races per NWRC Divisional Challenge for each stable to stay a member of the NWRC. Challenge runs for 3 months (13 weeks). If the 9 race minimum is not met at the end of the contest the stable will be dropped unless a majority of your other stables meet this number. Please e-mail me if you will be unable to participate for an extended period of time, stable is low on horses, or any other reason you may not make the 9 race minimum and want to stay a member. Stables joining after the start of the NWRC Divisional Challenge will be exempt and will start the 9 race minimum in the next contest.
  5. All winners of stakes races will be posted on the NWRC STAKES WINNERS page. I will update this every week.
  6. If you have some free time, consider helping in the NWRC. Please email me!
  7. Silks for your stable/stables are not mandatory.

How To Join

- Send me an email at

- I need your NAME, EMAIL, STABLE(S) and if you have them...SILKS (if not, blank silks are below)

- Silks are not required, they just look good on the forum and resident page.

- Create a forum account and get caught up on what is going on.

Download the blank silks here - Right Click and Save Image As...!